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How To Become A Musician

Don't Do This At Home - Do It On Stage!!

That's right.. that's all there is to it.. if you want to become a musician.. you have to get on stage and perform music.. no matter what instrument you play, or if you sing it's all boils down to one thing - perfoming live in front of people.. if that scares the hell out of you.. join the club. there are many great musicians tooday that started out with "stage fright" and overcame this to become famous musicians.. if you've got a hangup about something.. no matter what it is.. it may block you from becoming a professional musician or prevent you from reaching your potential.. so take stock of yourself and consider are you willing to face your demons on your way to becoming a professional musician so you can get on stage and entertain people.

Are you an Entertainer or an Artist?

Who the hell are you? Are you stuck up or just a regular guy or gal? People that are stuck up (and you know who you are) should go for the "artist" path to becoming a musician.. you're going to be prima donnna's in any case, hard to work with and prone to yell at your band members, agents, sometimes fans, and even your family because you're head is to big to handle.. if you're REALLY SUCCESFUL.. it's not big deal... if you're not... good luck - you're gonna need it! Instead of becoming a musician, you're gonna become "that guy", the one people talk behind your back and say well "so and so" think. he or she is such a great musician.. why I heard blah, blah, blah.. is that what you want? NO?? OK now we're getting somewhere.

Humility + Talent = True Musicians

B.B. King - did you ever hear of him? Before I ever heard B.B. King, I heard people talking about him all the time.. why I don't know.. and what they said was something like, "Why BB King isn't really a good guitar player - all he can play is the blues. Imagine that - all he can play is the blues.. so what did I think.. dummy I am.. why BB King can't be a good musician - all he can play is the blues. Little did I know then anything about the blues, how to play it or much else.. Once I got into the blues it took me a long time to realize just how great BB King was because of what others said about B.B instead listening to his music and making my own mind up.

Vision + Faith in Yourself = True Musicians

The rest is simple.. if you don't have faith in yourself.. belief in your music, guts, a willingness to put you money where your mouth is and treat the musicians you work with and your fans like best friends.. I"m telling you forget man - it ain't gonna happen.. you're never gonna become a musician..

You're Never Gonna Be A Musician!

That's right sucker.. you're never gonna be a musician.. you don't have the talent, your songs are supid.. you look like a jerk on stage and if you dare go on stage.. you better be behind some chicken wire when the audience starts throwing beer bottles at you.. had enough? oh yeah? OH YEAH? Prove me wrong.. prove everyone wrong - keep this article in you guitar case, cello case, sax case, piano seat.. and PROVE ME WORNG!!

Vision + Faith in Yourself = True Musicians

Ok, it's over now, you can open your eyes now.. sorry for kicking you in the butt.. I hope it helps you become the musician within you..

Good luck and funky blues! Johnny Mayer

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Eric Clapton

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