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Blues For Peace
And they shall beat their swords into Guitars..TM

Muddy Waters, Chess Records, Chicago Blues

Keeping Time

Should You Tap Your Foot ??

How do you keep time? . Do you tap your foot, listen to the drummer or what? Some people tap their foot in time, others nod their head and count sheep (just kidding)... Should you tap your foot along with your blues guitar solo? Of course you wan to t stay in time, but does tapping your foot help you stay in the groove? If you're playing guitar by yourself, it may be ok to tap your foot along with your song - and when you play with a drummer, just follow the beat of the drummer There’s something to be said for listening to the musicians you are playing with and what could be more important that setting the groove when your playing the blues? (jazz, rock, etc.)

Play off the Drums

It's one thing when your playin' a blues guitar solo at a medium temp and letting the drummer set the groove, it's another thing when you’re playin' a blues solo to a blues band playin' fast like a bat out of hell. I'm sure the blues guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, Buddy Guy and B.B. King were born with an innate sense of rhythm for playin' the blues. But us mortals, what should we do to set just the right groove for our blues guitar solo escapades.. I think whether or not you tap your foot it all comes down to timing... is your rhythm on target or not? And if you don't know.. that's a damn good start to becoming a much better blues guitar player. Just remember when it's time to launch into your guitar solo... it's POW! and you're gone and it's the band's job to back you up and follow your lead where your solo takes you.. Good luck and funky blues!

By Johnny Mayer.

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