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Blues For Peace

Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers

Blues Pride

Do I have blues pride?

I don't know, but I sure wish I did.. when I listen to Buddy Guy play two blues licks on the guitar, I know I just heard "blues pride", but I'm not sure just what he did! Was it in the way Buddy tunes up his guitar.. or does he have a special guitar pick he's used for ever.. or is he like me just trying to impress the girls - well, probably not!

I don't think you're born with blues pride.. I think you have to develop it along the way.. just how you do it is probably a natural thinhg llike learning to play baseball.. it's a combination of your talents, people you play with and luck. oh.. and one more thing... a mentor of some kind that every once awhile knocks you over the head with a baseball bat - OUCH !!!

Those that justify seldom convince

Did you ever hear that expresison before? Well, you ought to make it your motto.. keep your mouth shut and let your playing speak for itself. someday you'll know you've got it by the way people's heads turn wen you play two notes - and don't forget to help a young blues musician a break getting on stage with you to play a song... now that's keeping the blues alive.. good luck and funky blues! Johnny Mayer

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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