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Blues For Peace

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Blues Film

Crossroads Inspired Blues Film

Here's a dream project to create a blues film that ties the legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil with the lives of every day blues musicians around the world.

The blues film will mix live actors with animated blues heroes to bare the lives of local blues musicians, their music, their dreams and their generosity for helping young blues musicians.

The movie's current name is "To Hell With the Blues" or it may called Make A Deal With theDevil click on the Make A Deal With theDevil to read a down and dirty movie treatment.

OK, so maybe the blues film will be called something else.. and hey if you got an idea for the name of the movie contact us!

Martin Scorsese - Blues Film Maker

It's no secret Martin Scorsese loves the blues and what Martin wants - Martin gets! It may seem like a dream now, but hey almost everybody reading this page loves the blues, probably plays blues guitar and could himself or herself be the model for a charcter in the movie..

Are you up on blues films? Here are some funky blues films to watch with your friends and band mates. The blues band that dreams of being blues stars and believes in themselves is already on the way to stardom. Just the idea of helping launch a blues film turns me on! OK, I think I need to chill out now so I'll relax watching some blues movies. Which ones? See below. Good luck and Funky blues, Johnny Mayer

Suggested Blues Films

Let's start with - you guessed it - the Crossroads movie directed by Walter Hill, Music by Ry Cooder.

The Blues Brothers (1980) Directed by John Landis - has great examples of both how to play the blues and smash cars. As a blues musician, I would rather see a movie with smashed up cars then that smashed up guitars!

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) Directed by John Landis - what can you say abouta this blues film? Like it, hate it? No matter what over the years you will watch this movie over and over again. It's got something REAL in it about what the blues is, how to play it and what it means to blues musician.

Hey Dan Akroyd! If you're out there.. this is up your alley and I hope take this blues movie under you wing.

Tommy (1986), Directed by Ken Russell - Blues Film? I guess not, but hey it's got Eric Clatpton so I would watch it somday.

Round Midnight (1986) directed by Martin Scorsese.. it's got all the funk and soul of the blues film we want you to make into an animated and acted film.. Are you listening Mr. Scorsese? Email Johnny Mayer at

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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