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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv

Blues For Peace

Robert Johnson, Crossroads, Sweet Home Chicago

Blues Heroes Stories

Local Blues Musicians

Blues for Peace is dedicated to the unsung "Blues Heroes", local blues artists that play mostly for the love of the music and pass it on to the next generation. Here are their stories from "Touched by the Blues" - a new 200 page pocket book about unsung blues musicians keepin' the blues alive!

Combat Tested Blues..
By Sarge Lintecum

Big Mike Meets Muddy
By Mike Devita

Blak Blu Zungu
Rwanda Blues Band

Prison Blues
By Willie Suarez, Argentina

Blues Traveler
By Neil Imrie, England

Willie Foster
By Vince Cheney

The Guitarman
By Travis Nagy

Blues 823 (Bus Bomb)
By Eran Ashkenazi

Thankful for the Blues
By Tina Silverman

Blues Dues
Stanley Booth

Sittin' In With SOBO
Jerusalem Blues Band

The Blues Felt Right
By Kathy Nobrega

I Can Do That!
By Jason Ricci

A WonderfuI World
By James Anthony

Blues Dreams
By Brian Kramer

Jimmy Reed Memories
By Anita W. Cantor

This Guitar Fed My Family
By Mean Gene Kelton

Recalling Blues Heroes
By Del Goldfarb

Modern Day Troubadour
By Lou Rye

Jimmy Bowskill
By his mom - Mrs. Bowskill

The Blues My Way
By Bill Carper

Why I Love the Blues
By Jeff Cravetz

Calvin Owens Brought Me Home
Amy Murdoch

Spunky Blues Gal
By Debi Jordan

Honey Boy Edwards
By Jerry Loos

Blues is Human Experience
By Shawn Riley

Utah Phillips
By Eli Marcus

Meeting Yank Rachel
By Ron Hacker

Fleet Wood Mac
By Bella Stephens

Big Joe Blues
Big Joe Williams

Scott Mc Gill
By Bradley Lewis

Richard "Hock" Walsh
By Mark Stafford

Walkling to Memphis
By David Elfert

Conduction Music Show
By Thayrone X and the Bone

Ron Hedland
A Life Well Lived

A Blues Poem
By Patrick Tefft

Ode to a Blues Bar
By Larry Miller

Micky Baker, Paris
By Jean Paul Dangy aka "JIPES"

Vineyard Cafe Blues
Jerry Loos

Shoplifting the Blues
Avner Strauss


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