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Aretha Franklin r

Respect Lyrics

Aretha Franklin Respect

What you want (hooo) baby I got it
What you need (hooo) you know I got it
(Hooo) all I'm asking (hooo) is for a little respect
( Just a little bit) when you come home
(Just a little bit) hey baby ( Just little bit)
When you come home ( Just a Little Bit) Mister

I ain't gonna do you wrong while you're gone
I ain't gonna do you wrong 'cause I don't wanna
All I'm asking is for a little respect when you come home
(Just a Little Bit) Baby ( Just a little bit )
When you come home ( Just a little Bit) Yeah

I'm about to give you all my money
And all I'm asking in return honey
Is to give me my propers when you get home
(Justa Justa Justa) Yeah baby when you get home

( Just a little Bit ) Yeah ( Just a little bit )

Hooo your kisses sweeter than honey and guess what so is my money
All I want you to do for me is give it to me whn you get home
( Re re re re spect) Yeah baby whip it to me
( Just a little bit) when you get home now ( Just a little bit)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Take care, TCB ohhhh (Sock it to me,etc.)

A little respect oh yeah ( Just a little bit)
A little respect ( Just a little Bit)

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