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Lynda Marks Kraar

Lynda Marks and the Marksmen were more than just a passing fancy in Toronto's nightclub scene during the 1980s. Slinging a flashy Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville, or an old L-series Fender Telecaster around her neck, Lynda Marks was a singer songwriter whose music rocked many a house in a multitude of American roots styles, from rockabilly to rhythm and blues to reggae. She touched the core of her audience with her magnetism and honest performances. Lynda was a versatile member of Toronto's summer festival elite, often working solo, backing or teaming up with other prominent members of Canada's music scene. But her reputation reached south of the border, too. She performed with zydeco king Clifton Chenier. She arranged the rhythm and blues of the '70s with a country twist. She resuscitated the music of Gram Parsons and countless bluegrass and early rock and roll legends. Her original music was performed by many other artists, and by age 21, she had earned the respect of her seasoned colleagues.

Lynda Marks was when wasn't cool. She was on a mission.

In 1984, Lynda was invited to be the featured guitarist and musical director for a concert in Israel, which featured members of British reggae sensations Black Slate and the Blacktones. She was criticized for her twangy country-style guitar, but fans loved it and wanted more. She was encouraged to spend a year playing the club scene in Israel, and did so to packed houses, six nights a week, plus matinees and private posh soirees for ambassadors and diplomats.

During the late 1980s Lynda relocated to Asbury Park, New Jersey, to record with members of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, whom she had gotten to know during their Toronto appearances. Soon thereafter, she formed Blue Moo, an eclectic and highly popular quintet that continued to foster her passion for American roots music, often approaching Bob Marley and Bob Wills with her positive energy, vim and vigor.

As her success grew, Lynda began spending more time involved in human rights causes. She was directly linked to a rescue effort that brought 36,000 of Ethiopia's remaining Jews to Israel in accordance with their own wish to come to the Promised Land. It became apparent to those who knew her that Lynda was not only a dreamer and idealist, but also a born activist with a track record.

As the decade progressed and came out of the closet, Lynda took time out to have a family and to become a serious fund raiser on behalf of social causes. But she never hung up her rock'n'roll shoes.

In the past few years, Lynda has amassed a batch of new, sure-fire hits that are sure to revive her faithful audience and introduce her to a whole new generation of music lovers. The holy trinity of her music is faith, hope and charity, no matter what religion!

For more information or just to say "Hi", why not send an e-mail message to Linda Marks Kraar.

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