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Blues Guitar Band Book
Blues For Peace, Jerusalem, Israel

Fender Amplifiers

Fender amplifiers sound great and look great on stage, play rockin' blues with a new Fender Twin amp, Fender Bassman amp, Fender Deluxe and cool Fender Blues Junior amp, etc. Blues for Peace offers Fender amplifiers as an affiliate of

  • Fender Blues Junior

    This warm-toned favorite takes 15 watts of all tube preamp and power amp and pumps it through a 12" Fender Special Design speaker. With Fender's renowned reverb, flexible controls, and footswitchable FAT circuit the Blues Junior is sonic fun for any player. Small, loud, and tons of tone!
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    The Hot Rod Deluxe delivers the goods with serious tube performance, versatility, and value in a package combining vintage tone with revved-up modern features. Loaded with with great features such as three tube driven selectable channels (Normal, Drive, and More Drive), 40 watts of blistering tube power, Bright switch, FX loop, Fender Reverb, and so much more. Loaded with a 12" Fender Special Design Eminence speaker.
  • Fender Pro Junior

    15 Watts of all tube power, the Pro Junior is great for recording with its small size and big tone. The design is pure and uncomplicated - turn up the volume and you get more drive, adjust the tone to taste and the sound screams from the Pro Junior's 10" Special Design Eminence speaker.
  • Fender '59 Bassman

    Originally designed as a bass amplifier, the Tweed Bassman is considered the most significant, influential guitar amp of all time. It sounds great for almost any style of music, and even works well with other instruments such as a blues harp. Set it clean, crank it up for a dirtier sound, or add stomp boxes - it's the perfect vehicle for building your tone. 45 watts of tube power, dual channels, 4-10" Jensen speakers, and controls that go to 12.
  • Fender '65 Twin Reverb

    The '65 Twin Reverb is the choice for countless guitarists in every imaginable musical venue. Whether you play rock, jazz, country, or whatever, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like! Fender Reverb, 85 watts of all tube power, and the 2x12" Jensen speaker configuration is an unmatched combination for clarity and big round tone. Dual channels and vibrato are all part of the classic design. Includes 2-button footswitch.
  • Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb

    The more you crank this amp up the more it drives. The '65 Deluxe Reverb has always been a favorite for players wanting that naturally tube driven tone. With a moderate total power output, the '65 Deluxe excels at natural saturation, yet turn it down and it cleans up nicely. 22 watts of tube power drives a single 12" Jensen speaker and tube vibrato, tube Fender¨ Reverb, and dual channels are all included on the '65 Deluxe. Includes 2-button footswitch.
  • Fender '65 Super Reverb

    This faithful re-creation of the legendary Blackface Super from the 1963-1968 era is a must-have for vintage enthusiasts.
  • Fender Acoustasonic 30

    30 Watt Acoustic Amplifier featuring two channels, String Dynamics Control, chorus and much more!
  • Fender 15R Frontman Series II Guitar Combo

    Silver grille cloth, skirted knobs, and other Blackface appointments give the Series II Frontman the traditional Fender look. Plus, it has the features that make it a superior practice or backstage warmup amp: great Fender tone, reverb, 2 channels including normal and drive, a headphone jack, and an auxiliary input for CD, tape, or drum machine.
  • Fender Amp Can

    Ships free on orders over $199.00! The ultimate in battery powered portable amplifiers, this is the amp for musicians on the go. The Amp Can was created for the player looking for a small, rugged, high quality amp for acoustic guitar, voice, electric guitar, keyboard, etc.
  • Fender ProReverb Amp

    The Pro Reverb is similar to its bigger brother the Twin-Amp. Lots of versatility. You get two channels to work with and a power amp that can be switched from 50 watts to 12 watts. Perfect for stage and club work but also right at home in the studio, the all tube design of the Pro Reverb accomplishes the warm clean tones and the driven gain sound with ease. Loaded with a single 12" Jensen speaker.
  • Fender TwinAmp

    This latest version of the famous Twin-Amp is the best of the old and the new offering the responsive clean tone that made Twins popular and a high gain distortion channel for modern flexibility. To add to the Twin Amp's flexibility it also has a switchable power amp so you can go from a knock-down-the-walls 100 watts or cut the power to a more conservative 25 watts. Big gig, small gig, either way it's ready. The Twin Amp is loaded with two 12" Fender Special Design Eminence speakers and also includes tube tremolo, tube reverb, footswitchable FX loop, and external speaker jack.
  • Fender Bullet 15 DSP

    Classic Fender Tone and style in a 15 watt practice amp! Now with built-in digital effects! Effects include reverb, delay, chorus, flange, and tremolo. This little amp is loaded with big amp features like dual selectable channels, tube emulation power amp, and a handy headphone jack.
  • Fender Champion 30 DSP

    The Champion 30 DSP has everything you need for rehearsals, home recording, or after-hours jamming. 30 watts of power is pumped into the 10" Fender¨ Special Design speaker. The real excitement though, is on the front panel. You get dual selectable channels with independent volume controls and a full compliment of digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flange, and tremolo all at an irresistible price.
  • Fender Deluxe 90 DSP

    With 90 watts of power the Deluxe 90 DSP can fill a room with sound yet it's easy to throw in the back seat of your car. The "More Drive" button takes you over the top while the built-in digital effects provide a large palette of sonic textures and colors. For even more versatility the Deluxe 90 DSP has dedicated tone controls in each channel, an FX loop, and dual selectable channels. A single 12" Celestion speaker delivers the sound.
  • Fender Princeton 65 DSP

    What happens when you take one of the most popular gig-worthy combo amps and load it with onboard digital effects? You get the Princeton 65 DSP. This amp talks the talk like a big amp in a compact size and captures Fender¨'s trademark responsive tone. This potent combo's lead channel is simply ferocious, full of overtones, and just plain fun. 65 watts of power drives a Fender Special Design 12" speaker so you'll have headroom to spare at the gig. Dual selectable channels with dedicated tone controls in both channels and digital effects make the Princeton 65 DSP an unbeatable combo.
  • Fender Stage 100 DSP

    The Stage 100 DSP packs a 100-watt wallop into a single 12" Celestion speaker. The 3-channel design is enhanced with digital effects that include reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and tremolo. Professional features such as balanced XLR line out, effects loop, external speaker jack, and dedicated tone controls and effects controls for the clean and drive channels make this amp a serious performer at any level.
  • Fender Stage 160 DSP

    The big boy of the Dyna-Touchª Series Combos now includes digital effects. Unleash the massive 160 watts of power and feel the sound from the two 12" Celestion speakers explode into your audience. The Stage 160 is full featured - 3 selectable channels (Normal, Drive, and More Drive), dedicated tone controls, dedicated reverb controls, effects loop, balanced XLR line out, and more!
  • Fender Stage 100 DSP HEAD

    Newly upgraded Stage 100 DSP Head - with all the new DSP digital effects on board! 100 watts, FX select, FX level, Time/Rate, Reverb type, Reverb level, Mid Contour.
  • Fender Mini Tone Master

    This miniaturized version of the Tone-Master boasts glorious tone for its size. Check out the details from the amp corners and grill cloth to the vintage white knobs. Authentic looks with the sound to match. 1-Watt, 2x2" speakers.
  • Fender Cyber Deluxe

    The new Cyber-Deluxe is a dream come true for any guitarist. It's got gig-worthy power, tons of high-quality tones and effects, and versatile studio and stage patching capabilities, yet you can fit it in the back seat of the car. The Cyber-Deluxe has 32 factory presets and 32 user programmable settings, a complete palette of DSP effects, all-analog preamp, 65 watts of power, 12" Celestion speaker, and more!
  • Fender Cyber Twin Head

    The digital power of the Cyber-Twin allows YOU to be the amp designer. Program changes cause the motorized knobs to move automatically, and the internal analog components are instantly reconfigured in combination with the DSP. The resulting sound and feel is much more than just the one-dimensional sound snapshot of so-called "modeling" amps.
  • Fender Showman 412S

    Showman 412S cabinet. This full-size enclosure makes a killer combination when mated with our Cyber-Twin Head (as shown), and is great for use with other mono or stereo heads.
  • Fender Acoustasonic Pro

    Acoutasonic Pro Acoustic Guitar Amplifier. The Ultimate in Acoustic Instrument Amplification!
  • Fender Acoustasonic SFX

    Acoutasonic SFX Acoustic 160 Watt Guitar Amplifier. The Acoustasonic SFX incorporates Fender's groundbreaking Stereo Field Expansion technology to deliver 300 degrees of rich, balanced stereo tone.
  • Fender Acoustasonic Jr

    Acoustasonic Jr. Acoustic Guitar Amplifier. 2 X 40 watts, 2 8" 8 0hm Fender Special Design Foster Culver speakers, piezo horn, 2 channels (inst. and mic./line), Stereo Chorus, Fender Reverb, Stereo FX loop. Best sounding all-around acoustic amp that lets your acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic. Also great for other acoustic instruments.
  • Fender Frontman 15G

    This flexible practice amp is simple to operate but not lacking in features or great sound. The Frontman 15G features dual selectable channels for clean and dirty sounds, 3-band EQ, and a headphone jack for quiet practicing. 15 Watts.
  • Fender Frontman 25R

    The Frontman 25R ups the ante in practice amps with 25 watts and a 10" speaker. Overall this amp is louder than the average practice amp but it still retains the portability and affordability needed for beginning guitarists. Built-in reverb, dual selectable channels and a headphone jack are all included.
  • Fender Ultimate Chorus DSP

    Ultimate indeed! Start with Fender¨'s acclaimed analog preamp and power amp circuitry to create your tone. Then add a complete palette of digital effects like reverb, delay, chorus, and flange. There are over 4000 DSP possibilities! It's all in stereo from the dual 65 watt amplifiers and dual 12" Fender¨ Special Design Eminence speakers. Includes 3-button footswitch.

Bass Amplifiers

  • Fender Bassman 60

    The Bassman 60's wedge design is at home in more intimate venues, and well suited for rehearsals and recording sessions too. No flap, just tight, round, defined bass tone coming right back at you. 60-watts, 12" Fender Special Design Eminence speaker and Piezo horn.
  • Fender Bassman 100

    The perfect size and reliable fantastic Fender tone to be your primary bass amp for years to come. Small and light enough to fit in the back of a small car, it's big speaker and ample wattage make it loud enough for just about any gig.
  • Fender Bassman 200

    The Bassman 200 is a portable, medium powered combo amp boasting professional features such as parametric Mid control, Room Balance control, Enhance switch, adjustable compressor, tuner out jack with tuner mute button, power amp and preamp clip indicators, balanced XLR line out with ground lift, and more! 200-watts, 15" speaker, and compression driver horn with level control.

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