Blues for Peace

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Blues Guitar Band Book
Blues For Peace, Jerusalem, Israel

Acoustic Guitars

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* Guaranteed lowest prices- even up to 45-days after the sale.

Squier SA100 Acoustic Value Pack

Takamine EG512C Acoustic Bass Gloss Natural

Yamaha F310FP Guitar Package

Acoustic Electric Guitars

Takamine EG560CBS

Jasmine ES31C

Gibson Acoustic Guitars

  • Gibson J160E John Lennon Peace Model

    John Lennon J-160E Peace Model, a limited edition replica of the 1962 guitar that Lennon used faithfully while recording, in movies and for live performances.
  • Gibson L4A Acoustic Electric

    A huge expanse of solid Sitka spruce pumps out enormous volume with warm clarity. Prefix Plus pickup system generates accurate, beefy signal while the rounded cutaway lets you go up high with ease. Mother of pearl trapezoid inlays and solid bookmatched maple back and sides make it snazzy enough for any stage.
  • Gibson Elvis Presley Dove

    This stunning guitar is an exact replica of the instrument played by Elvis on stage during his Las Vegas years. A take-off on the 1960's Dove dreadnought body style, the Elvis Dove features a truss rod cover engraved with Elvis's signature.
  • Gibson Sheryl Crow Model

    This guitar replicates Sheryl Crow's prized Gibson 1962 Country Western, one of her favorite instruments. Similar in body style to the Hummingbird, the double antiqued lacquer gives the top a warm honey color complementing the dark cherry finished sides and back.
  • Gibson J45

    Traditional round-shouldered acoustic with pickup. Gibson's Best-seller acoustic/electric guitar since the 1940's and nicknamed by artists as "The Workhorse."
  • Gibson Dove

    Dove Acoustic Antique Cherry acoustic guitar. Legendary 1962 model with all the original details!
  • Gibson J160E Lennon

    John Lennon J-160E, a limited edition replica of the 1962 guitar that Lennon used faithfully while recording, in movies and for live performances.
  • Gibson SJ200

    Historic 1950s details and the most popular jumbo acoustic Gibson guitar. Known as the "King of the Flat-tops."
  • Gibson J50

    Classic 1960s edition acoustic/electric guitar with a solid spruce top and '60s pickguard. Equipped with a transducer pickup.
  • Gibson Songwriter

    An acoustic guitar designed for the working musician who demands a superior sound at an affordable price.
  • Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    Superior performance acoustic/electric model guitar with rosewood back and sides and an active transducer pickup.

Classical Guitars

2 Alvarez AC60SC

Yamaha C40

Yamaha CG171SF

Epiphone C10 Classical


Fender FR50 Resonator

Regal RD35 Resonator Guitar

Regal RC2 Duolian

Regal RC1 Polychrome Duolian

Crafters of Tennessee Tennessean Resophonic Guitar

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