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Guitar Licks
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Blues For Peace

B.B. King

Blues Guitar Licks

Blues Guitar Licks? Play a dozen funky blues guitar licks . The music and guitar TAB are from Blues Guitar Band that teaches blues guitar the way it's meant to be played in a blues band! After you learn these licks.. learn this five minute Blues Guitar Solo

1. Chicken Pickin' (mp3) - Albert Collins Style Blues Guitar Lick

Play the "hammer on" and mute the last note of the triplet.
Chicken Pickin

2. Ghost Note (mp3) - Wes Montgomery Style Blues Guitar Lick

The "ghost note" has a hollow sound - spooky aint it?
Ghost Note

3. Hammer On Lick (mp3) - Mark Knopfler Style Blues Guitar Lick

Pop the 4th string with your second finger and pick only four times.
Hammer On Lick

4. Harmonized Slide (mp3) - Chuck Berry Style Blues Guitar Lick

Press 3rd finger hard on the string - pick and slide down in rhythm.
Harmonized Slide

5. Power Chords (mp3) - Eric Clapton Style Blues Guitar Lick

Play power chords like one FAT note - not an arpeggio.
Power Chord Pattern

6. Pull Off - Volume Knob (mp3) - Jimi Hendrix Style Blues Guitar Lick

Play the lick and twist the volume knob for tremelo effect. Also, Roy Buchanan was doing this type of Volume Knob tremelo effect before Hendrix was hardly playing guitar.
Pull Off - Volume Knob

7. Roller Coaster Slide (mp3) - Stevie Ray Vaughn Style Blues Guitar Lick

A cool guitar trick to spice up your solo's and end on a high note.
Roller Coaster Slide

8. Scrape Up (mp3) - Freddy King Style Blues Guitar Lick

Scrape back over the strings to accent the played note.
Scrape Up

9. Syncopation (mp3) - B. B. King Style Blues Guitar Lick

The pattern The Syncopation is what separate the classical music and the blues -

10. Thumb Hook (mp3) - Keith Richards Style Blues Guitar Lick

Fret the 6th string with your thumb - great technique.
Thumb Hook

11. Thumb Slide (mp3) - Jimi Hendrix Style Blues Guitar Lick

Blues licks with thumb slides have tons of drive.
Thumb Slide

12. Beatles Rhythm (mp3) - George Harrison Style Blues Guitar Lick

Pick close to the strings and play gliss down on the 6th string.
Beatles Rhythm, Guitar Tab

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Blues Guitar Tab

B.B. King
Eric Clapton
Chuck Berry
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
Lynyrd Skynyrd
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