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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv

Blues For Peace

Cultures of Jerusalem

Birthright Israel Program

Please note this tour took place in August, 2003.

Are you into music?
Visit Israel and discover Israel's diverse music scene... Middle East music, Arabic music, Israeli Rock, Klezmer, jazz, blues and more... Birthright Israel offers a free 10-day tour of Israel to Jewish college age youth with unique Israeli music events.

A recent group took a midnight "Blues Cruise on the Sea of Galilee". See pictures and hear the show.... Click here!. Also, check out the "Mid-Eastern Music Hafla" in a bedouin tent outside of Jerusalem. The ensemble, Tzel Natui, brought darbukas, jimbe's, tof's for everyone to make music together- Click here!.

Assaf, Sobo, Jerusalem Blues Band Dan, Sobo, Jerusalem Blues Band Fish, Sobo, Jerusalem Blues Band

About the Tour
Blues for Peace and IsraelExperts have created a unique birthright israel program for Jewish youth ages 18 to 26 to experience the gift of a free trip to Israel through the universal language of music. Some of the special activities planned include a concert by the Israeli band SOBO (above), a workshop on Music and Tolerance with Jewish and Arab musicians, an evening of "Blues and Ethiopian Music" and a visit to Galei Tzahal, Israel's army radio station and much more!

Participants on the tour will discover Israel's major sites - the "Kotel" Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem, Safed - home of Jewish mysticism (The Kabbala), and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. They will also climb the "Snake Path" at dawn to the peak of "Masada", spend a night in a Bedouin tent and float (literally) in the Dead Sea.

Highway Band, Israel, Tel Aviv

The tour includes visits to Tel Aviv, Haifa, hiking in the Golan Heights, kayaking down the Jordan River, overnights on Kibbutzim, a camel ride and a midnight hike through desert canyons, beach time and the world's best falafel. Sample Itinerary.

Sign Up & Information
For information, call 1-866-7-ISRAEL to get answers to your questions regarding the program and/or the registration process. Tour information is also available online at IsraelExperts .

Interfaith Israel Tours
Blues for Peace and Israel Experts also offer and recommend Israel Tours for people of all faiths and demoninations. For information, contact us..

Birthright Israel Tour
Birthright Israel Participants

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