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Blues For Peace

Robert Johnson, Crossroads, Sweet Home Chicago

Make A Deal With The Devil.Com

What would you be willing to give to be the next Robert Johnson, Clapton or Hendrix.. would you take that lone walk down to the crossroads?

Here's the concept for an animated blues film based on the legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil to become a great blues musician... the plot of the movie revolves around the ojo above and the soul of a man... as the story unfolds, the the two become entwined..

Here's the plot... two up and coming blues bands meet at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis to compete for the best blues band award.. It turns out the bands know each other and can't stand one another.. they performed a few times at blues festivals and got into fights.. by chance they both wind up at the Memphis contest and decide to settle the score..

Before you know it, the bands are spying on each other and eavesdropping on conversations.. and then they both overhear something that sets their souls on fire... two old bluesmen get into a hell of an argument whether or not Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil... they're both stone drunk and start yelling at each other, "Did So" - "Did Not" "Did So" - "Did Not"...

And the two bands wonder 'What the hell are they fighting about?" "Did So - Did Not - Did So - Did Not .. until the final word is whispered, "He did so... yeah, my grandfather swore it's true on his death bed.. he said the devil gave Robert something when he brought back his guitar.. looked like a beat up old silver coin and Robert guarded it with his life.. if we find it, we can sell it for a fortune!

The movie will move between film and animation exhuming and examining ancient and modern beliefs of life and death and portray blues music as the true incarnation of soul on earth... or as Brownie Mc Ghee said it, "The Blues IS Life".

The two bands will use their cell phones to jump into animated action.. the good band will type and the bad guys you're there right now.. see url above...

The main characters will be based on famous blues musicians like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt and Buddy Guy.. they would do the voice overs in the animated scenes.. now all we need is a producer like Martin Scorsese to make the film..


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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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