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Blues For Peace

Learn to Play 5 minute Guitar Solo!
Blues Licks * Blues Chords
Guitar Guru * Blues Riffs

B.B. King photo , Free Blues Guitar Lesson

Blues Guitar

Free Blues Guitar Lessons

Wake Up Man! Go get your guitar and dive into these free blues guitar lessons. Learn to play a five minute Blues Guitar Solo in five styles of blues! Your own blues guitar sound & feel starts deep within you.. here are blues guitar licks and off the wall ideas on playin' blues guitar to awaken the bluesman within in you. Good luck & funky blues!

Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar Licks
12 blues guitar licks, tab, mp3's.

Blues Guitar Solo
Learn blues licks - 5 minute solo!

Learn Guitar Licks - 5 styles
Rock, country, funky - notes, tab, mp3

Blues Guitar Riffs
Learn to play blues guitar by ear

Blues Chord Changes
Blues and I, IV, V changes.

Blues Bass Guitar
Bass guitar part - 5 minute song!

Rhythm Guitar
Blues rhythm guitar - 5 minute song!

Blues - Rock Rhythm
Listen and practice. (mp3)

Singing the Blues!
Copy Instrument techniqes!

Backbeat & blues solos
How to play with a backbeat feel

Jazz Chord Substitutions
Jazz changes, chord changes

Play Blues Guitar Basics
Tips for starting blues guitar.

How to Start A Band
Choosing Band Members

Play Rock Guitar Basics
Tips for starting rock guitar.

Boxing the Blues!
Head gear required!.

Blues Pride!
You either use it or lose it!

How to Practice Guitar or..
Be stone cold in the market

Fender Strat
A Piece of Magic

Blues Guitar Books

Blues Guitar Band
Lead, rhythm, music theory.

Blues Guitar (Hebrew)
Dedicated to Albert Collins.

Blues Guitar Articles

Retro Blues Guitar
Kids on Fenders got into fights...

Blues Guitar Hero
Why be just a guitar player?

Robert Johnson Lives
King of the Delta Blues

Slide Guitar Basics
Read about - then just do it!

Blues Guitar TAB, Music Books
Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendix, SRV..

Playin' the Blues

Guitar TAB A Go Go
Rev Up your Guitar Solo's

Blues Chord Progressions
Cheat sheet for blues jams

Blues Guitar DVD
Shut up and play your guitar!

Guitar Tech Tips
Guitar necks, amps, pickups..

Blues Improvisation
Do this on stage!

Blues Harmonica
Blues harp & soul survivors.

Best Rock Guitar Solos
Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses..

Blues Guitar - Brief History
And to think you never liked history!

Killer Guitar
Don't bash in your amp!

Blues Scale Lesson
No blues scale - no life!

Blues Shuffle
The heart of Chicago blues

Blues Jazz Dilema
How much jazz is too much?

Backbeat Tricks
What you don't play counts!

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Eric Clapton

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