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Beatles Songs

Yellow Submarine - Saddest Beatles’ Song ?

There is nothing nicer than listening to your parent's vinyl. It gives you a sense that good music is omnipotent and will never be forgotten. What I first found in my parent's music collection were the Beatles albums. They had a nice selection of all the albums being released since the 60s. There were a lot of Beatles songs, which I had never heard before. Since discovering them I have become a great fan of the Beatles and have begun to listen to their songs on a regular basis.

I may even claim for sure that I am addicted to some of the songs: I bought a CD “The Best of Beatles” and listened to “A Girl” on a repeat for several days! I can always go back to this Beatles’ song and listen to it over and over again. Also, I am a great fan of “The long and winding road”, the saddest Beatles’ song in my opinion. I can listen to Yellow Submarine when I am depressed, because it always cheers me up.

Well, it is not only about the three above-mentioned. Actually, for me every Beatles’ song released has an enticing appeal. I can listen to their albums for weeks, and never got sick of them. What I like is not only the music, but also the meaningful lyrics. It is always nice to hear that “the long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear”. It reminds me of a beautiful love story, buried underneath the centuries. “She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don’t regret a single day”- is there a more touching way to say that you are deeply and unhappily in love with someone?

The best thing about Beatles’ songs and lyrics is that there are a lot of different moods, carried on with their songs. You can always rely that you will find songs that match you mood, songs that make you happy, or songs that make you sad. There are so many of them , and they are all like pearls of a hidden music treasure. You can find a lot of CDs being released that combine the Beatles’ songs in Best compilations. It is indeed the perfect present to someone you like: no matter what kind of people they are, or how old they are. Everyone likes Beatles. Their music is irresistible and speaks directly to the heart.

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